We have all heard the horror stories. You’re just driving down the road minding your own business and then boom your engine blows without warning.

This ULTIMATE OIL PICKUP  uses a .12” thick double bracket, 3X OEM oil pickup tube thickness and a brace between bracket and oil pickup tube to further strengthen the assembly. This is a super duty, engineered solution. No other vendor has anything this rugged available, although I’m sure it will be copied. You asked for it, so here it is. Fits all EJ25 motors


· 3D CAD Designed and Track tested

· All CNC Manufacturing Processes

· Digitally Pulsed TIG Welding throughout

· 3X Thicker Tubing, 1/8” Thick Bracket

· Smooth Mandrel Bend Increases Oil Flow


This pickup is the most durable, robust, & highly engineered oil pickup available for your Subaru.





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Subaru WRX / STi Performance ULTIMATE Oil Pickup


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Killer B Motorsport Design and Manufactures Aftermarket Performance Subaru Impreze WRX and STI parts

The Oil Pickup Story

Click here for The Oil Pickup Story

NEW Developments

Technical Tidbits

· New O-Ring Provided


· Fits ALL turbo EJ20 Motors (with EJ25 Pan)


· Fits ALL turbo EJ25 Motors with OEM oil pans (and our performance oil pan too!)


· OEM Spec. High Flow Screen Filter

· Lifetime Warranty

OEM Spec High Flow Filter Screen with Anti-Starvation - No Flat Bottom!

Perfect fit EVERY Time

CNC Machined Flange with O-Ring Groove and Raised Concentric Lip. Perfect Seal and No Flow Disruption from Misalignment

Digitally Pulsed TIG Welds - Superior Quality Welds

Laser Cut, Formed, Gusseted and Thickest Double-Leg Bracket Available.

Get the Ultimate Oil Pickup & Performance Oil Baffle Windage Tray COMBO and save $$$.

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